Yom Tzahal 2

Today we said goodbye to one group of moshava chanichim and welcomed another.


Moshava Ba’Ir

Here at Camp we were so sad to watch our first group of Moshava Ba’Ir leave today. However, our moods were quickly brightened by the arrival of our second group! They quickly got active with Archery, Beach Volleyball, and Flag Football. Their afternoon full of Peulot was only a simple taste of the magic of Moshava.

Eidah Hey

Whether up in the trees or down with the animals, Eidah hey had a terrific day. Bunks were spotted all over camp having fun at Tie Dye, Kadarut, Drama, and much more!

Eidah Aleph

Our talented Eidah Aleph really put on a show today at drama, but their talents don’t just stop there. Scaling the climbing wall, hitting the tennis courts, and learning at our 70 to 70 Israel Museum were just a few of the exciting Peulot this Eidah was able to excel at.

Eidah Bet

This artsy Eidah had the opportunity to shine today at Tie Dye, Kadarut, and Taboon. Some of our Eidah Bet boys were able to see our lake from the comfort of Kayaks! Everyday at camp is always more exciting than the next.

Eidah Gimmel

Eidah Gimmel was on their Shmutz today where they became closer to the nature and friends around them.

Eidah Daled

Eidah Daled’s smiles couldn’t be contained as they zoomed down the slip n’ slide, made Pita at Chavaya Israelit, and built all sorts of things in nagarut.

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